About Company

Caresoft Distribution Sdn Bhd establishes itself in the year of 2001. With the objective of providing IT solutions that can help in every office operations, we started off by providing computer skills training.

Later we were specialising in Serving small and medium and even large corporations in this area.

As our strength is in the Accounting software area, we have not limit ourselves to only 1 single brand of accounting software but are also able to provide alternatives solutions to our customer’s needs and requirements.

As the years goes by, Caresoft Distribution Sdn Bhd has also moved into other areas of IT to provide our customers with a more complete solution. We carried other range of Solutions as well as other services in order to achieve our objectives.

We also believes that one cannot achieve everything by themselves but by working together, we will be able to do wonders. Therefore we always believes in partnership or any means of working together to help each others in their business. If you are interested for a partnership or working together with us, we always welcome you to get in touch with us or submit your proposal to us. We will get in touch with you the soonest possible.

Feel interested for a partnership or working together with us?