AutoCount Accounting

The ultimate accounting software and stock inventory solution.

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AutoCount POS

The ultimate POS software, accounting system and inventory solution.

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AutoCount Payroll

Internal management reports and external government reports into system to assist users manage their payroll data.

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Why Choose Us

Easy to Configure

Setting up is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Easy to Use

With automatic document generation, you need not to worry.

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Complete GST Features

Come with features that complies with the GST rules placed by the RMCD.

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Secure Remote Access

Any Where Any Place

No more heavy investment on redevelop your accounting system or ERP for remote access or web access and facing new program debugging process.

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What our Customers say

AutoCount has matured very well since we started using it in 2003. Our company placed high importance on database integrity and program reliability. Hence, we are happy to note that AutoCount is using high quality and powerful software for its database engine and programming language. AutoCount is wonderful because although it has powerful and flexible features, it is also easy to configure and use.- Michael, DHJ (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
We choose AutoCount Accounting over other accounting software as it is reliable, price is attractive and no need special machine to run the program. It does not require big resources and expensive machine, which makes it cost effective.- Captain Siva, Sport Equipment Sdn Bhd
User friendly and not complicated. As long as we know how to key in data and do posting, it is ok. AutoCount Accounting is easy to learn.- Ms. Irene, Eng Kee Agency